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DIJET - "SKS GII" SKG type innovative high feed cutter achieved extremely excellent chip removal rat

For high feed machining with 4 corners

Features of Product :

  1. Applicable to deep cutting of mold material or high feed machine aircraft parts that made of titanium alloy & stainless steel.

  2. Adopted low cutting force & economical 4 corners positive insert, achieved stable high feed machining.

  3. Large ap machining is possible (Max. ap=1.5mm in case of using insert 10-type & Max. ap=2.5mm in case of using 14-type insert)

  4. 3 insert grades “JC8118”, “JC8050” & “JC7550” can be widely applied from general & mold steel to hard-to-cut materials such as high hardened die steel, titanium alloy & stainless steel.

  5. Large chip pocket achieved excellent chip removal.

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