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Mr. Jokichi Watanabe, the founder of the company, decided to use shop

the name "YA" "MA""WA", which he had been using in his family business

instead of using his personal name. And he gave to his company the name

"YA" "MA""WA" by employing lucky words and the same connotation

"YAMAWA" from ancient Japanese characters, MANYOGANA.


The meaning of YAMAWA is "Greater prosperity, More united". In this word,

he put a wish " as the company becomes prosperous, the harmony among

employees becomes more precious".

With great spirit that YAMAWA contributes to the industrial fields through Screw Threads, YAMAWA remains committed to contribute to technical development of the industrial field and sociely through the consistent supply of high quality and high performance products to be satisfied by its customers.

Yamawa products are thread cutting tools, indispensable in industries as a basis of manufacturing. Recognizing that the company activities affect the earth's environment, YAMAWA contributes to our society through the manufacuturing of the highest quality cutting tools and tries to make incessant effors to maintain our environment with the cooperatin of all employees.


YAMAWA never forgets a saying of the founder "Once our tap should break, blood of employees would pour down from the tool's wound." Paying special care to the performance and precision of the Taps which are indsipensable for making internal threads, YAMAWA keeps on manufacturing its products.

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