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Dijet Industrial Co,. Ltd.

Dijet is a Industrial Carbide Cutting tool manufacturer from Japan. Founded in Japan in 1938, the founders of Dijet wanted to make carbide material "Harder than diamond". 


At the location Remscheid our Center of Competence Honsberg guarantees quality products in the area of measuring and monitoring technology since 1963.


Japan’s machine-tool industry is one of the best in the world. For 27 years, since 1982, it has been No.1 in market share, and it should maintain this position into the future

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HPMT High Precision Machining tools

As a global leader in high-precision solid-carbide cutting tools, we collaborate with customers from various industries to help them succeed. Our cutting-edge tools are designed to elevate your machining capabilities and deliver exceptional results across a wide range of industries.


Hoffmann Group

Quality tools With a delivery capability higher than 99 % and an error rate of less than 0.1% we are your reliable partner for a smooth and efficient procurement and production process.

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